Neuer Artikel „Strengthening European Fundamental Rights in the Digital Age“

Sandra Seubert und Carlos Becker haben im German Law Journal einen Artikel publiziert: „The Democratic Impact of Strengthening European Fundamental Rights in the Digital Age – The Example of Privacy Protection.“

Der Artikel kann hier kostenfrei heruntergeladen werden.


In times of digital pervasion of everyday life, the EU has strengthened a normative idea of European fundamental rights, especially by referring to a strong notion of privacy protection. A normative corridor is evolving with the “right to privacy” at its heart, a right that will be instrumental in shaping the European legal architecture’s future structure. In this Article we argue that the constitutional protection of privacy rights is not only of individual relevance but also of major democratic significance: it protects the integrity of the communication structures that underpin democratic self-determination. The debate on privacy protection, however, often lacks a democratic understanding of privacy and misses its public value. Following an interactionist understanding of privacy and a discourse-theoretical model of democracy, our argument puts forward a conceptual link between privacy and the idea of communicative freedom. From this perspective, the substantiation of a European fundamental right to privacy can be seen as a possible contribution to promoting European democracy in general.